Task Management

What is Task Management?

Task Management is a process of managing tasks effectively by monitoring them throughout their life cycle and making necessary decisions based on their progress. A CRM with Task Management effectively organizes and manages tasks and activities by offering functionalities such as task creation, scheduling, tracking and reporting. Task Management Software is crucial for businesses because it helps the teams collaborate, prioritize the tasks, set deadlines, and assign those tasks to the concerned person in the team.

Organize, Assign & Track Tasks with Travel CRM Task Management System

Now no more wasting time searching through emails, calendars, spreadsheets, and to-do lists when talking to prospects. Travel task management system offers the ability to create, edit, organize, assign and track tasks that need to be closed by the sales reps. It helps to prioritize and keep a track of tasks, complete them on timely manner and always hit deadlines. Some of the important features of Travel CRM task management software include:

Keeps Tasks in One Place

Task management software saves time and helps you stay on schedule by tracking tasks in real-time. This, in turn, reduces the chances of losing work or manual effort of tracking down any useful information.

Prioritize Your Tasks

Set priorities to the tasks according to their importance. It allows reps to easily track their tasks and pipeline progress to stay focused throughout the day.

Create Follow-Up Task

With Follow up tasks option, you can create sub tasks to the existing tasks for further action. It may include payment follow-ups, email conversations, calls and proposals. These follow-up tasks can be assigned to the team members for fast closure.

Set Task Deadlines

Assign tasks to team members and set due dates so that your teams don’t miss deadlines. This allows for timely delivery and help sales reps to be on top of their game.

Task View Management

Manage task view in the task module by adding required filters. You can set filters for fields including subject, description, due date, task type, priorities, status, assigned to, last modified by, etc.

Tasks Reminders on Dashboard

Keep updated by viewing your daily tasks from your CRM dashboard. It allows tracking the tasks and takes necessary actions needed to complete them on time.

Easy Tasks Tracking

Easily track the status of any task at a glance. See real-time updates or conversations on the individual tasks. You can view insights on past tasks such as tasks created, calls made, follow-ups and activities completed.

Easy Team Collaboration

Collaborate within team effectively. Create and manage tasks & follow-ups to maintain the conversation history with the clients so that it is available for everyone in your team for future reference.