Supplier Management

What is Supplier Management in Travel Industry?

Supplier management is a multi-stage process followed by travel businesses to identify, qualify, onboard, manage and collaborate with the various suppliers or vendors for their businesses. With right supplier management module travel businesses can reduce customers’ travel spending across flights, hotels and transportation and fulfill customer expectations. It allows smooth onboarding of multiple suppliers, which minimizes the potential risk and delays related to supply. Streamlining the supplier management process helps increase travel business efficiency while improving customer satisfaction, growth, and profitability.

Improve Business Efficiency with Tutterfly Supplier Management

Take Your Supplier Management Process to the Next Level with Travel CRM

Create New Supplier:

Add new suppliers within seconds with the Travel CRM supplier management module and add all the information you might require to streamline the processes. Keep the supplier list a little more detailed and insightful. Assign ownership of each supplier to individuals as a point of contact and keep track of supplier activities.

Choose Supplier Type:

The supplier management module of Travel CRM offers you an additional field where you can select the type of supplier that you are dealing with. You can create your field by going to the admin panel and adding the necessary field options to align with the supplier influx.

Upload the Supplier Rate List to Link with the Supplier:

Travel allows you to attach the rate list of each supplier with ease. You can add the links to the rate list with other necessary information about the individual suppliers. It makes the tracking process smooth for sales reps who can work more efficiently.

Send RFQ and Collaborate with Multiple Suppliers:

Send RFQs to existing and new suppliers in one go and review those submissions in an easy-to-read bid comparison. The dashboard provides you with a single view of supplier responses, offers, and ratings.

Track Responses of all Suppliers:

Travel CRM supplier management helps in keeping track of all interactions with your suppliers. It allows you to create your library of all past work performed and create detailed relationship profiles for future work needed. The module allows you to collect all the responses and store them in the cloud for easy access.

Rate Suppliers:

After defining specific performance indicators, you can evaluate your suppliers periodically. The suppliers can be rated based on the quality of their service, cost, complaint history, and other important criteria.

Suppliers View Management:

Manage and share the view of the supplier dashboard by accessing the advanced sharing setting. Create a customized view of the list of suppliers and choose whether to keep it private or public.

Generate Supplier Report:

With the Travel CRM report module, you can get custom reports on suppliers and access up-to-date information to ensure accurate insights into the performance of the suppliers. Apart from custom reports, you can also access the standard reports.