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Lead Management

Lead management is the process of qualifying, analyzing, and nurturing incoming leads to convert them into a business opportunity.

Invoice Management

Proforma Invoice is a preliminary invoice that is sent to the buyer before a sale is confirmed

Document Management

CRM with Document Management helps the companies in storing and managing important files or documents like sales proposals, company profile, destinations presentation, templates, clients’ info, and so on

Account Management

With account management system, you get a complete visibility of the account hierarchy, associated contacts, latest customer activity & conversation, ongoing/pending deals, closed deals, account rating, and much more, all in one place.

Holiday Itinerary Builder

Travel CRM’s itinerary builder is an innovative platform where you can create stunning itineraries within minutes. It gives you full-customization options to create detailed day-wise itineraries and easy sharing options.

Task Management

Task Management is a process of managing tasks effectively by monitoring them throughout their life cycle and making necessary decisions based on their progress

Sales Reports

Travel CRM provides an easy to use CRM report module that supports effortless data-driven decisions and improve the success rate of the sales team.

Supplier Management

Supplier management is a multi-stage process followed by travel businesses to identify, qualify, onboard, manage and collaborate with the various suppliers or vendors for their businesses.

Contact Management

If you have to juggle between the contact list in your phone, spreadsheets, and email inbox just to retrieve the contact details of the customers then you know how exhausting it can be.