CRM Dashboard

What is a CRM Dashboard?

In today’s era, CRM or Customer Relationship Management is among the most important software to serve & engage the leads and turn them into paying customers. Dashboards are a crucial aspect of CRM software as they provide a comprehensive view of sales activities and key performance indicators (KPIs) in your organization. CRM dashboards can be used by the entire organization to see an overview of the sales pipeline, goals, daily tasks, user activities, key deals, etc. Other than tracking the progress of a lead in the sales pipeline, one can also track the progress of individual sales team members to increase efficiency and boost sales.

Manage Data Effortlessly with Travel CRM Real-Time CRM Dashboard

Travel CRM CRM dashboard offers you a wide array of benefits to help improve your business efficiency and streamline the workflow.

Performance Tracker:

Compare your monthly performance through the sales forecasting feature on Travel CRM dashboard. You can use the open and closed deals to forecast your future sales or targets of your organization. Use the insights provided by the CRM dashboard to analyze your sales performance over a specific period of time.

Task Updates:

The CRM dashboard reminds you about your daily tasks under the “Today’s Task” section so that you never miss out on them. It may include payment follow-ups, email conversations, proposals, and calls with customers. For timely closure, these tasks can be assigned to the team members.

Track User Activities:

The CRM dashboard gives you a complete view of all the user activities taking place in your organization. It helps in keeping track of important updates in case a new opportunity is updated or creation of report or other client related activities.

View Recently Uploaded Files:

With Travel CRM CRM dashboard you can easily view and access the recently uploaded files or documents. The Travel CRM document management modules stores your valuable sales documents, PPTs, and company profiles that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Key Deals Notifications:

Travel CRM CRM Dashboard provides you a complete view of all your key deals. You can mark your specific opportunities as key deals and they will be appearing on the dashboard. Further you can track the sales stages of key opportunities in your sales pipeline.

Benefits of CRM Dashboard

1. Real-Time Updates

A CRM dashboard reflects instant updates in your data, which can help your business in making quick decisions.

2. Visualized Sales Goals

This feature of CRM dashboard makes it easier for the organizations and sales reps to develop and keep track of sales goals.

3. Financial Forecasting

A CRM dashboard allows you to perform sales forecasting and helps your business in predicting future revenue and sales performance.

4. Streamlines Team’s Work

CRM dashboards helps your team in prioritizing tasks that should be done first by providing an easy access through the dashboard itself. It saves time of sales reps and fast-track the sales process.