Contact Management

How Contact Management Software Can Help Your Business

If you have to juggle between the contact list in your phone, spreadsheets, and email inbox just to retrieve the contact details of the customers then you know how exhausting it can be. With a contact management system in place, you can organize everything in a single place and easily search contacts along with the information you have on them. The tool helps your team to collaborate easily and share contact information across your organization.

Create Centralized Platform to Access Contacts:

With business expansion comes a heavy flow of customers. During this time, it can be difficult to keep track of multiple contacts. With Contact Management Software, you can import contacts from your database directly into the CRM. You can add important details and information to your contacts that can help you and your team in planning customized sales strategies.

Quick Import of Contacts:

Quickly import contact information from your database into the CRM using a CSV file. This makes the process of managing contacts simple and avoids the chances of data duplication and manual data entry. This also saves the time of your sales team so that they can focus on other major tasks that require their attention.

Save Time with Filter and Search Option:

The filter and search option helps you in easily locating the contacts using specific details like name, organization, email, etc. The task which usually requires you to manually look for contacts for sending emails or schedule follow up calls can be easily done with a contact management tool.

Add Notes for Reference:

Using a contact management system , you can add notes against the contacts for reference. You can easily refer to these notes while reaching out to the customers and so can your team. This ensures that you never forget any vital details and helps your sales team in identifying potential opportunities. With this, you can easily formulate follow-up emails and make a great impression on your contacts.

Send Bulk Email to Contacts:

Keep in touch with your contacts from within the contact module through Tutterfly CRM email integration. Using the tool, you can schedule/send personalized campaigns or emails to multiple contacts and follow up on the responses from within the CRM. Using the contact management software, you can keep track of your communications with the customer and deliver value to close more deals.

Leverage the Automation:

Content Management Software captures the contact information of prospects who reach you via live chat, email, web forms, and social campaigns. Using the tool, you can automate the tasks of updating your contact information which usually requires manual labor. This not only reduces your risk of human error but also helps you assign the prospect to the sales reps directly.

Build Lasting Customer Relationships:

The key to the tool is that it allows you to store and organize complete information about each of your customers. This information usually includes email, name, company name, phone number, department, title, etc. With a Contact Management System, anyone in your company can view the history of each communication between business and contacts. This information can be used in improving the follow-up process and allows the team to keep the preferences and needs of customers in mind. It results in an effective communication with the customers, build lasting customer relationships, and boost sales.

Analytics for Smart Business Decisions:

Apart from just organizing contacts, the system also provides you with business insights that can help you make smart decisions for your business. Using the insights, you can track opportunities raised by the existing contacts, measure the performance of the sales team, and analyze trends that impact your metric through you CRM.